Summary: PCI reverse-engineered a multinational household cleaning brand’s formulas to keep their products in stock.

The Challenge

After an acquisition and management change, a multinational, all-natural household cleaning solutions provider was missing the crucial ingredient in their manufacturing process: the formulas. Without the formulas for their popular cleaning solutions, the company was at risk, and they needed a quick solution to keep their products in stock. Beyond the company name and the customer list, the new owners of the company were given very little to work with, requiring them to reverse-engineer the current formulas of all their products. 

The Solution: Reverse Formula Engineering

Due to the speed of the acquisition, the company needed the formulas for their products recreated in a very short amount of time, which is one of the reasons they called us. With our experience in product development and household cleaning, we were able to help the company reverse-engineer all of its current formulas.

Beyond the team of formulation chemists in the lab, PCI deployed a dedicated project team that met bi-weekly with the company. They had full access to the PCI team throughout the project, which was completed in-house at our labs.

The Result

Within six weeks, we were able to provide the company with all the recreated formulas, suppliers for the materials required, and the ability to continue the uninterrupted sale of their products. With all of the formulas correct, we ensured that the company could continue to provide its customers with the products they relied on. 

By working with us, the company was able to change ownership and get through the acquisition without interrupting product sales, ultimately allowing them to keep their retailers in stock and maintain those relationships. Without the help of PCI, inc., the company would have potentially lost customers and market share and would have had to shut down their product line for an unknown amount of time with the hopes of recovering. After the completion of the project, the company has an ongoing relationship with PCI and looks to them for continued support. 

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