Our experience is rooted in handling complex formulations and unique ingredients. Our trained formulating chemists can do anything from new formula development to existing formula optimization.

sensitive formulations.

We have a unique knowledge surrounding the safety, processing and regulatory requirements to handle and produce hydrogen peroxide based products.


natural ingredients.

Our resources give you access to in-house expertise to develop formulas made with more natural ingredients to allow for organic, Kosher and Halal claims on packaging and labeling.

seven-stage stage deionized water purification system.

As a contract manufacturer, we are aware certain formulations require a high degree of controlled water quality and purity. 

hydrogen peroxide H202.

PCI has the right equipment, supply chain, and knowledge to develop and package products with hydrogen peroxide at greater than 35% concentration.

product enhancement.

Our formulation experts support the optimization of existing products per each client’s specific needs.

robust, elastic supply chain.

We source our raw materials from around the world from qualified suppliers with an emphasis on high product quality and consistency. PCI can procure alternate ingredients to build resilience in your supply chain without sacrificing quality or consistency.

master ingredient sourcing.

Master the intricate art of ingredient selection. This guide shares tactics to source, evaluate, and pair ingredients that craft exceptional liquid products.

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