Our quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) departments work in unison, giving exacting attention to the finest details that your final product deserves. With a constant focus on continuous improvement, PCI’s Quality Control team is uncompromising about the quality of the products we produce.

industry standard control systems.

PCI’s production and control systems are based on ISO 9001:2015 standards. These defined processes and procedures control all inputs into manufacturing, to maintain product quality, customer satisfaction and consistency from formula to finished good. 


our process includes…

  • Raw material evaluation testing 
  • On-site analytical laboratory for a wide range of testing capabilities 
  • Various testing methods 
  • The latest instrumentation to follow disciplined SOPs

material review and approval.

We have a strict QA process for new materials and components, as well as a vigorous process for new vendor approval. This includes a well-documented formal procedure to process the receipt, approval, and storage of all incoming materials.

raw material review and testing.

Specification system for all raw material, in-process materials (batches) and finished goods. 

record management.

We manage processes/procedures to control all production documents and records. These processes include: Securing master files,  issuing production documents to the production department, and maintaining lot files on finished goods.

thorough final product review.

Our QC procedures provide for the disposition and release (or hold) of all in-process material, batches and finished  goods. 

master ingredient sourcing.

Master the intricate art of ingredient selection. This guide shares tactics to source, evaluate, and pair ingredients that craft exceptional liquid products.

our high quality can be the key to growing and protecting your brand.

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