our capabilities.

We are an end-to-end liquid chemical product manufacturer with over 30 years worth of experience.

PCI’s capabilities and investments allow you to reach your goals.

Water Quality
Flow Meter Technology
Mixing Vessels
Mixing Delivery Systems
QC Testing Capabilities

Water Quality

Comprised of a rigorous 7-step purification process, feeding a 4,800 gallon recirculating ozonated storage tank with a continuously recirculating point of use loop. The system includes UV exposure at four separate points in the process and sanitizes via hot water and ozone

Flow Meter Technology

PLC controlled mixing vessels with flow metering technology to ensure accurate and precise raw material additions



Mixing Vessels

Mixing vessels with various forms of mixing capabilities such as impeller, counter rotating sweeps and heating/cooling jackets



Mixing Delivery Systems

Various mixing delivery systems in the compounding room such as Flash Blenders, Homogenizers and in-line adduction for the introduction of solids.



QC Testing Capabilities

Ranging from HPLC, UV-Vis Spectrometer, Auto and Manual Titration, water quality analysis, process validation, method transfer, qualification, and validation



product capabilities.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Products

  • Surface Cleaners

  • Creme Cleansers

  • Floorcare Products

  • Carpet Care Products

  • Odor Control Products

  • Automotive Products

  • Glass Care Products

  • Restroom Care Products

  • Liquid and Foaming Hand Soaps

  • Pet care products

  • Plant nutrients


eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Get the inside scoop on the latest eco-friendly packaging innovations. Learn how to implement cutting-edge sustainable packaging solutions for your liquid products.

industries we serve.

Household, Industrial & Institutional Cleaning (HI&I)

National Brand Cleaners

Pet Care

Home and Garden

our process.


We listen first to get a complete picture of your needs, asking the right questions so we can come up with the right solution. Then we’ll build a quote that outlines a plan for success for the lifetime of your program.

Ramp Up

We’ll ramp up production according to your requirements, and all along the way you’ll have regular check-ins with your dedicated project team to ensure everything is going according to your timeline and plan.


We recognize that our employees are the true key to our successes. They’re the real subject matter experts who live and breathe our processes day in and day out. Developing and implementing processes and feedback identified by our team leads to the successful execution our customers’ experience on a daily basis.

nearly 30 years of experience.

We have the experience and qualifications to handle unique ingredients, complex formulations and new product launches. We bring that experience with us whether you’re a larger company scaling up new production or a brand-new start up introducing your brand and products to the market.

Our focus on quality can be the key to growing and protecting your brand.


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