Summary: PCI quickly obtained Halal certification to help a Fortune 500 international hygiene and infection prevention provider maintain the production of a high-demand cleaning solution.

The Challenge

Producing products that meet both Halal and Kosher specifications is challenging due to specific QC testing requirements, supplier approval and certification processes, and unique cleaning requirements. A Fortune 500 hygiene solution provider had quality issues with their manufacturing partner because of difficulty manufacturing products within the specific framework of Halal requirements. Our team was already producing other formulations for the company, and we offered to help them by obtaining the necessary certification to manufacture their Halal product line and meet their strict timeline. This certification is critical since the products come in contact with food services.

The Solution: Procedure Implementation and Product Development

PCI stepped up to the plate to obtain Halal certification, implementing strict cleaning methods and sanitization practices throughout the entire facility to meet the required standards. We were able to achieve this quickly because of our already-high standards of cleanliness in both maintenance practices and the water used in the facility. Obtaining the certification started with testing and validating our cleaning methods and procedures, including our Reverse Osmosis water purification system. 

The Result

In today’s market, consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of the products they buy. After obtaining Halal certification, our company was able to implement Halal-certified labeling to help this prominent company demonstrate its commitment to respecting all religious customs to both retail and wholesale customers. Additionally, our company is an EPA-registered manufacturer and adheres to clean air, water, and disposal practices. 

Through our implemented procedures, PCI was able to provide the company with Halal-compliant products in a short amount of time. Three years later, the company still works with PCI to provide Halal-compliant products to the markets they serve. 

Connect with PCI to Produce Kosher and Halal-Certified Products

PCI has satisfied the rigorous Halal and Kosher certification and EPA registration processes. If your cleaning products need to meet those rigid requirements, the team at PCI can help you succeed. 
Kosher and Halal certification and EPA registration allow a contract manufacturing partner to help you fulfill a wide scope of stringent requirements for your most complex products. If you’re looking for a partner that consistently meets these criteria and can maintain a smooth production of even your most challenging formulations, we want to help! Reach out to a PCI expert today to start the conversation.