Summary: PCI helped an international hygiene and infection prevention provider quickly bring new, high-quality products to market.

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 CPG (consumer packaged goods) company was facing a tight deadline for bringing their new product to market with all of the required validations and certifications. Every week, the company was faced with new deadlines to get the product out on time, and missing even one of these milestones could cause a delay in production. 

Quality and safety were critical to bringing the new product line to market. With the tight timeline and heightened awareness around quality during a new product launch, the customer needed a partner to manufacture and thoroughly test and manufacture the new product.

The Solution: Product Creation and Quality Assurance

Having previously worked with the company to launch new product lines, PCI had the expertise and resources to meet tight deadlines while maintaining high product quality. PCI used automated processes to manufacture the product, ensuring repeatability, production speed, and consistent quality.

With repeatable processes, a proven track record of success, and a standing relationship with the company, PCI also acted as a testing center for the customer, completing a thorough quality assurance process and methods validation with each product.

The Result

When brands miss go-to-market commitments, late deliveries and fines can follow. With PCI’s help, the company was able to launch its new product line on time, avoid any late fees, and deliver to its retail partners when they promised. Additionally, PCI provided quick turnarounds when retail partners had fluctuating forecasts during the launch period.

Ready to launch your next product?

PCI, Inc. creates a seamless experience from formulation to finished good so you can remain focused on your customers. We understand what’s at stake if we don’t deliver— we’re dedicated to launching your product on time while adhering to safety and regulatory requirements and maintaining quality.

If you’re looking for a partner in bringing your product to market that consistently meets deadlines and can maintain a smooth production of even your most challenging formulations, we want to help! Reach out to a PCI expert today to start the conversation.