Because it’s an oxidizing agent, hydrogen peroxide is extremely versatile as an ingredient in cleaning products. Consumers tend to be drawn to it as a labeled ingredient because it’s a powerful antiseptic that doesn’t have an offensive odor (like chlorine or ammonia). 

It also happens to be difficult to produce, transport, and store, and working with it as an ingredient in liquid cleaning products is sometimes dangerous. Hydrogen peroxide can erode quickly when it’s not stored in the right conditions. In concentrate form, it can be used as a rocket propellant, which is another way of saying that, yes, hydrogen peroxide is reactive and explosive. 

That’s why it’s that much more vital to work with a vendor that has the right knowledge base, equipment, and hands-on, skilled professionals to make liquid cleaning products with hydrogen peroxide. 

Stable Supply Chain

Today, facilities all over the world produce millions of tons of hydrogen peroxide per year. While newer technologies may emerge soon to simplify the production process, most facilities still use what’s called the anthraquinone process to make large batches of hydrogen peroxide. 

Large-scale production of hydrogen peroxide is quite energy intensive and requires the right facility to manage the waste resulting from it. When you deploy a new vendor to produce cleaning products with peroxide as the main ingredient, it’s critical your vendor manages and maintains a global supply chain of facilities and producers with the expertise to produce it.

For example, PCI has adequate redundancy within our network of peroxide vendors to ensure that any client project or product is always delivered on time and on budget. 

Adequate Onsite Water Filtration and Purification Systems

Just as creating hydrogen peroxide is a highly specialized process, utilizing it as an ingredient necessitates a serious upfront investment in equipment and on-site infrastructure. 

At PCI, we have a water purification system that involves a seven-step purification process. Our process includes a 4,800-gallon recirculating ozonated storage tank with a continuously recirculating point-of-use loop. 

We also have a sanitization process with UV exposure at four separate points in the process, using both hot water and ozone for product purity and consistency. Additionally, flow metering technology ensures accurate and precise mixing and adding of raw materials.

Rigorous Quality Testing Throughout the Process 

Vendors often pull ingredients and materials from a variety of sources and third parties. To safeguard purity, product consistency, and end-user safety, that vendor also needs processes in place that verify the consistency of all of those ingredients and materials throughout the bottling and packaging process. 

When that vendor bases that testing and verification on ISO 9001:2015 standards, your manufacturing partner is using the best measures possible to maintain product quality. 

PCI follows those high-defined processes and procedures to: 

  • Control all inputs into manufacturing
  • Protect and verify product quality
  • Uphold our clients’ customer experience and satisfaction
  • Maintain consistency from formula to finished good

ISO standards are especially important when your contract manufacturing partner vets a new ingredient source. Raw materials require testing and approval throughout the entire supply chain, including hydrogen peroxide. A strict QA process for all incoming materials protects against impurity and ineffective (or worse, unsafe) final products. 

PCI has a strict QA process for new materials and components, as well as a vigorous process for new vendor approval. This includes a well-documented formal operation to process the receipt, approval, and storage of all incoming materials. We utilize a rigorous specification system for all raw materials and in-process/batch materials, as well as finished goods before they’re shipped to the distribution center. 

Our QC policies and steps provide for the disposition and release (or hold) of all in-process material, batches and finished  goods. 

PCI’s QC/QA procedures and capabilities include:

  • Evaluation testing for all raw materials 
  • On-site analytical laboratory for a wide range of testing capabilities 
  • Various testing methods 
  • Best-of-breed instrumentation to follow disciplined SOPs and ISO standards

Record Management for All Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Products

When it comes to bottling cleaning or household products, documentation and records management is critical. Ideally, that process should include:

  • Securing master files 
  • Issuing production documents to the production department
  • Maintaining lot files on finished goods

PCI regularly pulls and tests packages throughout the production phase, and stores samples in a temperature-controlled environment, if future testing is needed. 

Need Help? Contact PCI to Learn about Our Facility

If you’re looking for a U.S.-based vendor for hydrogen peroxide cleaning products, PCI’s St. Louis headquarters are conveniently located in the heart of the Midwest. We have experience working with both large and small international brands to satisfy their production needs for a range of household and industrial products:

  • Pet care
  • Home and garden
  • Institutional/commercial cleaning
  • Household laundry and cleaning 

We have a verifiable record of on-time deliveries, and can work with a variety of products with a range of viscosities.
For more information about how we can help you and your team today, please contact us.