Summary: PCI’s Rework and Relabeling Strategy Saved a Fortune 500 Institutional Cleaning Product Company Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars 

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 institutional cleaning product company discovered a significant issue with a large campaign of product. A production mishap caused a major, costly packaging problem: The product was labeled incorrectly. 

With a 24/7 production schedule, the facility couldn’t pivot with their existing slate of business and demanding capacity to relabel the product. Simply put: The client’s vendor didn’t have the capacity to bring the product back to spec so it could be shipped on time. 

The Solution: PCI’s On-Demand Rework Capability

PCI has the facilities and the institutional knowledge to rework and relabel product mismatches, conforming our internal processes to ensure the right contents are shipped on time. 

“If there’s one thing anyone knows in business, it’s this: Mistakes happen,” said Will Davis, President of PCI. “It’s why we have such a robust and agile rework program. We may understand that mistakes happen, but our customers’ customers may not be as understanding as we are.”

For this client, PCI’s team needed to establish a system to bring the product back into spec. To achieve this, they quickly set up an offline production process that both maintained strict control over the client’s quality requirements and protected and restored product integrity.

PCI’s specialists were responsive and creative, working aggressively and adhering to existing (and quite rigid) QA and QC processes. The PCI team developed a highly controlled system to re-work the product while maintaining product integrity and lot control, ultimately bringing the customer’s product back into spec.

The Result

PCI’s rework solutions offer our customers the opportunity to meet their quality expectations without interrupting current workflows. In this instance, we were able to save the customer hundreds of thousands of dollars, reduce waste, and bring their product back in spec.

“Not only did the team execute on a tight timeline, they saved our customer from a potentially large service interruption,” Davis said. “We now have a stronger and more trusting relationship with this client.” 

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Even under the best of circumstances, keeping up with the fast pace of customer demands can lead to mistakes. Whether the mistake happened on your vendor’s floor or in your internal facility, we can work with you or a third party to ensure your shipments go out in spec and on time.

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