When you and your team are looking for a contact manufacturer for industrial or household cleaning products, you need immediate assurances that you’re working with another team of specialists. 

Contract manufacturing for any product is a niche business. Liquid cleaning products are no different in that regard. When you’re in the RFP phase, what are the characteristics that prove which prospective partners offer a true turnkey service to package and ship your cleaning products? 

Resilient, Stable Supply Chain for Ingredients

A central benefit to outsourcing is working with a specialist that has already done all of the vetting and negotiating with suppliers. A qualified, specialized liquid contract manufacturer will manage a resilient supply chain to ensure your orders are always processed on time and on budget. That includes protecting not just quantity in the form of a stable supply of global suppliers, but also protecting your brand quality and efficacy as much as you and your team. 

Quality and efficacy always starts with safe, effective ingredients. Ideally, a contract manufacturer maintains relationships that will reduce your hard and soft costs. Locating and vetting raw material suppliers is time-consuming, and you may not have in-house specialists who can test and verify ingredient quality. Pro tip: Make sure to have in depth discussions about the vendor’s testing and QA procedures for all incoming ingredients

Trained, Expert Chemists In House

Product development teams often don’t have the bandwidth to oversee and manage a manufacturing line. Your product engineers need to have access to a team of specialized chemical engineers for impactful and effective collaboration. A partner should provide you with access to their highly specialized chemists and procedures. 

Household cleaning product contract manufacturers have the volumes and facilities to hire and retain chemical engineers who work directly with the manufacturing process. Those engineers can work with your specific formulas to recreate your products effectively and safely. 

Experience and Knowledge in Your Industry 

Whether you’re representing a heritage brand or have developed a brand new product, your sales and marketing teams know what your customers want and need. A household and industrial cleaning products vendor may be able to provide you with additional insights and knowledge for packaging, reformulating ingredients, and other aspects of product development to deliver even better products to your customers. 

Facilities and Equipment to Utilize Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile and effective ingredient for cleaning products. It’s a powerful oxidizing agent and powerful antiseptic without the irritating odor of chlorine or ammonia. Peroxide is challenging to manufacture and store. It can also be risky. It breaks down and erodes when it’s not stored properly (making it that much more important that your vendor has experience in working with it). In concentrate form, it can be reactive and dangerous. 

Utilizing it as an ingredient necessitates a serious upfront investment in on-site equipment and adequate water filtration and purification systems. For example, PCI has invested in water purification equipment which involves a seven-step process. We also have a 4,800-gallon recirculating ozonated storage tank with a continuously recirculating point-of-use loop. 

PCI’s sanitization process is equally thorough, with UV exposure at four separate points in the process (with both hot water and ozone for product purity). Our flow metering technology further ensures accurate and precise mixing and adding of raw materials.

Rework or Relabel Capabilities

Mistakes happen, even with experienced teams. Relabeling existing packaging could save thousands of dollars and still allow you to ship orders on time. 

Many contract manufacturers don’t have the internal procedures to pivot their processes to relabel and repackage bottles. If your facility is already at capacity, you may be unable to reconfigure those schedules to accommodate labeling or packaging errors. At PCI, have the institutional knowledge and experience to rework and relabel product mismatches. We can quickly conform our internal processes to get the right contents shipped on time and on budget. 

Best Practices Always Matter with a Contract Manufacturing Vendor

PCI has taken years to develop processes with the intended goal of safeguarding your product quality and efficacy. From testing to internal documentation processes we are a true turnkey manufacturer. 

We manage a rigorous documentation and QC process for all incoming ingredients, and consistently pull and test bottles for every single run. These are a few examples of the standards we maintain to measure quality. From material sources to the finished goods, we make sure that every single product is consistent in every single bottle. 

For more information about PCI and our state-of-the-art production facility in St. Louis, reach out to our team to discuss your product needs today.